Whoopi Just Called Trump A ‘Dictator’ Who’s ‘Trying To Kill’ Something Ridiculous, She Got Destroyed

Ultra-liberal Whoopi Goldberg is among the worst dangers to getting a balanced viewpoint from America, as she utilizes her ABC series The View for a pulpit to spread her left-wing opinions like they were facts. In a recent installment of this political daytime chat show, she branded Republican President Donald Trump a “dictator.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin kicked things off by going on a rant about Trump, stating, “I really do think we will need to be quite worried about what he is attempting to do. What he is hoping to do is that I believe, akin to censoring folks. When you take a look at the dictatorships these are the areas in which you get into trouble for speaking from the authorities and you do get stuck in jail”

She moved in Whoopi Lite style, “If you hear that our president saying things like I will attempt and fortify this defamation legislation what he is actually saying is that I do not want folks to criticize me and that I think we will need to be somewhat cautious here.” Whoopi, however, defended it by asserting that it has to be accurate because it “seems” true.

You take what’s true and you weigh it. You go, ‘that is far too much material that’s true that you be doing so.’ That is absurd.” Joy Behar consented, stating, “The book rings true because we have seen him on tv with our very own eyes”

Whoopi later screamed this really is “the very first time in my entire life by which a president is actively trying to kill off the press.” People immediately took Whoopi to work on her idiotic remarks. Wrote one online commenter, “`Kill’ should signify some fresh because calling the media fake news and phoning them on their prejudice isn’t murder. And if the media would like to increase their picture that the need just begins telling the truth and acknowledging their prejudice.” Do you concur?

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