Watch ESPN Say Giving A Thumbs Up Is A ‘White Supremacist’ Symbol “Cause Trump Always Does It”

ESPN have Katie Nolan, showed up on VICELAND’s “Desus and Mero” where she called President Trump “f*cking doltish” and guaranteed that offering a go-ahead is an image of racial oppression. “I simply found what this implies,” she stated, holding her thumbs and forefinger together to make the ‘alright’ image.

“I’ve been utilizing that to signify ‘approve’ for so long. I’m similar to, ‘F*ck, what?'” she said in regards to the ‘alright’ image. “You went ahead this show to tell individuals you’re down with the alt-perfect individuals?” asked co-have Desus Nice inquired.

“No! Is this restricted?” asked offering a go-ahead. “This is terrible, and the alright, they’re both for white power,” said the host. “F*cking damnation,” she said. “Thumbs up is white power now? Blessed s***,” said the other co-have. We should tell liberals that breathing is an indication of racial domination. Possibly that will help.

“This we clearly know, (is a racial oppressor image) Cause Trump dependably does this – ” said a host. “That is on account of he’s a f***ing imbecile,” said Nolan in regards to President Trump.

Many individuals griped to ESPN about her remarks. “We have investigated the totality of Nolan’s remarks, they were improper and we have tended to it with her,” said an ESPN agent. Check out the video below.

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