Tucker Trolls PC Libs, ‘Trump Said Something That Almost Every Single Person In America Actually Agrees With’

The liberal press has tried to get Republican President Donald Trump “in trouble” over demanding, off-the-cuff remarks and gestures countless times already and they don’t appear to get the message that Americans have Trump’s back and don’t care if he selects a word poorly today and again.

The media attempted to slam the president by stating that he called some third-world nations as “shithole countries” in a personal talk about immigration difficulties. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson struck liberals with the unpleasant news about how this assault against Trump won’t get them anywhere.

Said Carlson on his show, “Today, as you heard, during spiritual talks, President Trump said something that nearly each and every person in the usa actually agrees with.” He added, “An awful lot of immigrants come to this country from areas which aren’t very great. Those areas are dangerous, they are dirty, they are corrupt and they are poor, and that is why those immigrants are attempting to come here and you would, too, if you live there.”

Tucker was not done, and went on, “President Trump asked why America does not receive immigrants from areas you may want to see on vacation. Why are not we getting more people from Norway, he said, which by just about any measure, such as the UN’s steps, is the most developed and wealthiest nation on earth.”

He concluded, “While saying this, Trump used an expletive, and that is not surprising either because he uses them all the time and was talking privately. And yet, for some reason, nearly, everyone in Washington, New York and LA considered this a major, major event. Why is this?”

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