Tucker Carlson Eviscerates Former Obama Director For Fake Outrage Against Trump’s “Sh*thole” Comments

On the other hand, the key liberal debate for illegal immigration is pointing out just how bad the states are that the illegals are derived from. Tucker Carlson confronted from Jose Parra, the Latin communications manager during Obama’s presidential effort.

“The thought that you’re not permitted to state they are pretty crummy nations, Haiti such as or El Salvador, I have been at both of these — that is why people are leaving them to come. So I really don’t know what the sin is. You are not allowed to point out that other nations are not as great areas to live as America?” Requested Carlson.

“I believe that the outrage here is all about the insult as well as the expletive that’s attached to the men and women that come from such countries,” reacted Parra.

“The men and women who left those nations, a number of these road trains all of the way through Mexico or they concealed from the wheel well of a plane to depart, they’d concur with that. Why the outrage? We have gotten to a place where nobody could be truthful about whatever,” explained Carlson.

“People are in fact staying this nation at the moment lawfully because Haiti is indeed poor, we do not believe that they should have to come back. Therefore, in the event that you state, Norway is a much better place to call home, and Haiti is sort of a pit — anybody that has been to these states or has dwelt in them would concur. But we are jumping up and down — you can not say that — why can not you say that?” Requested Carlson.

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