“Shut The F*ck Up!!!!” Judd Apatow Has Mental Breakdown Over Trump Right Before Golden Globes

Judd Apatow, author of Happy Gilmore, and 40-Year-Old-Virgin had what appeared like a tremendous mental breakdown over President Trump. In light of the appalling allegations made against him in the book ‘Fire and Fury,’ President Trump took to twitter.

“… .Actually, for the duration of my life, my two biggest resources have been mental soundness and being, as, extremely shrewd. Warped Hillary Clinton likewise played these cards hard and, as everybody knows, went down on fire. I went from VERY effective businessperson, to top T.V. Star… ..” tweeted President Trump.

“… .to President of the United States (on my first attempt). I surmise that would qualify as not shrewd, but rather virtuoso… .and an exceptionally stable virtuoso at that!” tweeted Trump. These tweets when against the standard account against Trump so much that Apatow just couldn’t take it.

“If you don’t mind close the f*ck up!!!! If it’s not too much trouble for once in your life close the f*ck up!!!!! We as a whole need one snapshot of peace you ruined, self included bonehead. Sleep! Wash your bed covers! Eat a non harmed Big Mac – simply take a fucking break for a minute! Give us that blessing!” tweeted Apatow.

“We as a whole ought to fill the workplaces of our administrators and calling constant today requesting this rationally sick President be evacuated. Not doing as such puts lives in danger. In the event that we don’t history will inquire as to why we didn’t act,” he tweeted. All Apatow did was demonstrate a certain something, he himself is substantially less rationally stable than President Trump.

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