Rush Limbaugh Exposes How Trump Is Playing Democrats, Not ‘Betraying Supporters’ On Immigration

Many news outlets have been reporting that President Trump left his base of fans during meetings with all the Democrats regarding immigration. But, Rush Limbaugh has an entirely different spin on it.

“Although CNN is misrepresenting it… in which I believe Trump offered us out. And that is not exactly what I believe happened. I have been fairly clear what I believe happened.

Then he shared his concept of what’s really happening. “This was a brilliantly conceived and perfectly executed rebuttal for this dumb Wolff book. The images tell the story — Trump is in the area, controlling it, controlling it, he’s cooperative, he’s open, he is tolerant, he is knowing. He is in complete control of over 45 minutes of the meeting on immigration. He’s completely informed on the topics,” said Limbaugh.

And this is the aim of this now — it wasn’t about spiritual,” said Limbaugh.

“It was to counter the Wolff publication, it had been to eliminate it was to throw it apart, it was to rebut it had been to nuke it had been to dispel it had been to leave it moot, and also to get it seen for exactly what it is — a bunch of lies,” said Limbaugh. Do you believe he is perfect? Take a look at the movie below.

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