Obama Just Mocked Fox News Viewers And Said They’re ‘Living On A Different Planet’

Former late night chat show host David Letterman was a vocal supporter of Democrats such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton while he was among the kings of late night, so it was an exciting occasion for liberals when Letterman arose from his long press hiatus and debuted his new Netflix talk show.

Unsurprisingly, Letterman picked Obama as his first guest on his new series, and Obama clearly didn’t disappoint when it was smug and condescending toward everyday Americans, especially those savvy enough to think for themselves and watch Fox News.

Willie Geist, by way of instance, gushed about how Barack “opened up about his transition from president to private citizen.” He added that “the hour-long interview provides a rare glimpse into President Obama’s personal life, but he does discuss politics.”

Spouting more left-wing propaganda, Willie added, “He did not specifically mention his successor, President Trump. Instead, the prior commander-in-chief saying he considers social media and personalized news resources have caused divisiveness among Americans.” The Now show then played a sound clip from the meeting in which Obama said, “If you watch Fox News, you live on another world than you are if you, you know, listen to NPR.” Needless to say, the audience for the series all cheered for Obama’s deeply patronizing and divisive.

Geist ended things by saying that Obama had only one regret, saying, “President Obama also reflecting on his time in office, telling Letterman he wishes he would have behaved presidential and more relatable.” Are you thinking that Obama believes conservatives “are living on another planet”?

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