Nancy Pelosi Just Said Working-Class Americans Are ‘Pathetic’ And ‘Insignificant’

As a result of a long and rewarding career serving her rich elements in Northern California, former Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is now a multi-millionaire.

Pelosi, who seems to become emotionally unfit for the task of the congresswoman, is becoming out of touch that the other Democrat even tried to boot her out of her perch as House Minority Leader.

Given how wealthy she is. Rep. Pelosi doesn’t know how significant the penalties and tax savings which working-class Americans are getting due to the tax invoice would be to them. According to Pelosi, the sum they’re getting is “pitiful” and “insignificant,” that would just look true to somebody who has tens of thousands of dollars.

Said the congresswoman at a recent speech about the tax invoice, “A range of bonuses — among those bonuses had been in a marriage contract and they then added a bit more cash to this. The exact same firm simply told the workers they were going to be putting off 1,500 individuals and when they desired to save their tasks, they might work 32 hours”

She moved, “In relation to the incentive which corporate America receives the crumbs they’re committing to employees to place the schmooze on is indeed pathetic. And I’d hope with their huge benefit of bringing home at a really low rate that they’d invest in infrastructure, however, our experience was they’ll seek gains and buy-backs. It’s insignificant.” Can you believe Pelosi is the person who’s pathetic?

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