MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Slams The Media For Being Anti-Trump, But Nobody Falls For It

MSNBC’s couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski hammered the prevailing press for being ‘hostile to Trump’ amid a meeting with Katie Couric. Nonetheless, they are probably the most hostile to Trump individuals on all of TV. They affront him once a day, calling him a ‘racial oppressor’ and contrasting him with Hitler and Stalin, Kim Jong Un and ISIS.

“The whole predominant press, we are reflexively against Trump on all things,” said Scarborough. “We’re over our skis and it will hurt us,” Brzezinski included.

He at that point reacted to gathered affirmations that he gave the President a sheltered space by welcoming him on so regularly. “We made the offer to everyone,” said Scarborough.

“We requested that Hillary be on such a large number of times. The main way we could get her on is whether we consented to an 18-minute meeting. We needed to get into a modest little prop plane and travel to South Carolina and land in a soil field and sit tight for her in the back of a school for our 18 minutes. At that point, it was, extremely arranged. Also, they cut us off,” said Brzezinski.

They likewise reacted to how the arrangement with individuals they know who bolster President Trump. “Indeed, even individuals I’ve known and cherished as long as I can remember still help Trump, and I converse with them, I don’t comprehend it,” said Scarborough. This meeting is about as genuine as Scarborough being a ‘Republican’.

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