MSNBC Urges Viewers To Ignore ‘Less Important’ Evidence Discrediting ‘Fire And Fury’

Michael Wolff’s book, ‘Fire and Fury’ is becoming increasingly discredited by the afternoon. Since the book loses it’s credibility, MSNBC chose to defend it by saying that the proof in the publication ‘less important’.

What matters is the general message of this book. So essentially, they are saying they have a negative story against Trump. “But it is more of a bombshell concerning confirmation instead of any sort of revelation. You do not need ‘Fire and Fury’ to realize that this president behaves himself like a kid occasionally. All you’ve got to do is follow his Twitter feed,” he said.

“You do not need to recognize that this White House continues to be chaotic, by a book, you can see the chaotic character of the White House by how it’s prosecuted its schedule over the course of the previous year. So the evidentiary bit of the publication is to me less important,” he said.

“The American people can look at what is happening, can take a look at the President’s Twitter feed, can examine the ways that policy was commissioned by this administration, by the ways that people are fired and the type of revolving door of their administrative staff. There is proof in the public sphere that this book might confirm that I believe makes it believable. Hence the believability factor I believe is evidentiary in the actual practice of the Trump government,” stated Peterson. Is not real evidence supposed to matter?

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