MSNBC Guest Says Trump Defending Himself Proves He Wants To “Destroy The First Amendment”

In addition, he suggested that each and every time President Trump attempts to shield himself from individuals insulting him, it’s ruining the First Amendment.

“So you’re going after intimidating, crucial media, and that is what authoritarian regimes do. Trump hasn’t discussed libel laws, but he has also discussed revoking media permits for critical reporting,” said Klass. Trump has just requested for exactly what all Americans need to need, honesty in mathematics, and for journalists to cover the cost whenever they lie.

“He is known as the press a blot on America and also an enemy of the people, and individuals throughout history who’ve used that previous term are Mao and Stalin. I mean it is not difficult to connect the dots perfect? Anytime someone criticizes the president, then he wishes to litigate or destroy the first amendment” he explained.

So essentially, protecting yourself from criticism and calling individuals that are slandering you attests he would like to “litigate or destroy the first amendment.” Where does MSNBC locate these nutjobs?

“When in reality, he’s accountable for copying it. There is no parallel in contemporary American history of somebody who has attempted to achieve so in a systematic manner on a daily basis,” said Klass.

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