Morning Joe Says People Who Live In ‘Red States’ Are Just Like Iranians  

Amid Donald Trump’s rising to control and well before, preservationist Americans have been subjected to no deficiency of badgering, affronts and other abuse because of the media. These media outlets at that point express dissatisfaction regarding why traditionalists disregard them and watch Fox News.

One of the most exceedingly awful of these left-wing media figures is Morning Joe co-have Joe Scarborough. MSNBC procured the previous Republican congressman from Florida to be a traditionalist voice on the system, and it is tragic how profoundly the life partner of Mika Brzezinski has progressed toward becoming inculcated with liberal convictions and conceit.

In a current scene of Morning Joe, Scarborough and his visitor absurdly endeavored to clarify what is as of now occurring in our enemy country of Iran between the nation’s religious radical Islamic rulers and nonconformists who are attempting to battle against the dictatorial administration.

Obviously, to make their correlation, Scarborough and his visitors expressed that the general population in Iran who “needed to keep the mullahs in control” are much the same as the red states, rather than “blue state Iran” which “needed to move Iran into the twentieth century.”

Said Joe to his visitor, the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, “You have an interesting line where you say that Tehran, when you went by it a couple of years in 2013, was somewhere close to Pyongyang and Los Angeles, which is something extremely that we saw in 2009. What I was struck by in 2009, amid the dissents, was the way that you had a red state Iran and you had a blue state Iran. It was divided into halves.” Agreed liberal Ignatius, “What has been captivating this last week is that, will be that red state Iran– which cherishes the mullahs– and blue state Iran– youthful, mainstream, uh, needing change, supporting President Hassan Roussani.” Do you believe it’s nauseating that these liberals think about Americans in “red states” to Iranian radical Muslim moderates who loathe opportunity?

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