Mika Brzezinski Is “Viscerally Embarrassed To Be American”, She Get’s Crushed

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski is so alarmed by President Trump that she is humiliated to be an American. She made these nauseating remark amid Morning Joe. “I had a companion that went to Paris over the occasion, and they said they were simply instinctively humiliated to be American,” Brzezinski said.

Joe Scarborough reacted tongue in cheek inquiring as to whether she signified ‘Paris, Texas.’ So amusing Joe. Mika proceeded with her attack on America. “They said it was the first occasion when that it was kind of chilling. They would not like to share where they were from,” she said.

Scarborough additionally asserted that the President ought to be compelled to experience some sort of mental test. “I’m thinking about whether there are any loyalists in the Republican Party willing to advance forward, stressed over the following a few indispensable years, and at any rate compel this president to get an exam. Not simply physical,” Scarborough said.

“Definitely, to check whether the majority of the specialists and the greater part of the therapists who expect that he is displaying indications of a falling flat mental state — and I’m simply pondering whether the Republicans in Congress and whether individuals around him can state Mr. President, why not simply demonstrate your pundits off-base? For what reason don’t get an autonomous assessment?” Scarborough said.

In the event that Mika loathes this nation so much, she should simply take off. Many individuals tweeted about Mika’s appalling remarks. “tbf, I’m certain in the event that I knew them I’d be instinctively humiliated that they’re Americans as well,” tweeted Daily Caller Writer Eddie Zipperer.

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