Michael Wolff Loses More Credibility As He Lies How Many Copies Of His Book Have Been Sold

Michael Wolff’s publication ‘Fire and Fury: Within the Trump White House’ is shedding a growing number of authenticity every day. Even CNN anchors such as Brian Stelter have been made to acknowledge the novels many factual mistakes. However, they assert that the publication still ‘rings true’. Michael Wolff is extremely poor in being fair. He could not even tell the facts of the number of copies of his book were offered.

In an interview with the New Yorker, Michael Wolff talked about how he believes his publication is and the number of copies he offered.

“Wolff pointed out that, because of the close of business Monday, a million copies of this book had sold in only four days. “I am going about saying, ‘It is Only a novel,’ but it’s become something a lot bigger,” he explained, citing Trump’s strikes on the publication and his failed effort to prevent it from being printed,” writes the New Yorker

““The President appears to believe this novel is some type of significant danger, which affects the circumstance,” Wolff said. “Whereas using a normal publication, a Mike Berman to get a Mark Berman … could have been of no consequence whatsoever, now it is unexpectedly a condition question,”” states that the New Yorker.

But he did not sell a million books in the first four times. That is very short of a thousand! If this man was not insulting President Trump, no one at the mainstream press could believe this man is plausible.

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