Megyn Kelly Just Shared The Creepy Reason She Told Her Stepfather To Call Her ‘Fat A**’

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly departed the conservative community over a year past in seeming victory, enticed by left-leaning NBC News with a really large contract.

But, Kelly’s career over at NBC has been at best a significant disappointment for its NBC executives that have spent a lot of cash on her and at worst an embarrassing crisis.

Kelly is now notorious at NBC for creating eccentric and off-putting remarks on her shows which have attracted the incorrect type of publicity. She earned widespread scorn because of her from left field opinions concerning her stepfather “fat shaming” her.

On her show, she interviewed “Fit Mother” fitness entrepreneur Maria Kang, and she informed Maria how she was pleased her stepfather fat-shamed her she could stay lean whilst researching at Albany Law School. Said Megyn, “A number people need to be shamed! Once I was in law school, I had been gaining weight. I stated for my stepfather, ‘If you see me moving in that kitchen one more time, then you say, ‘Where you’re going, fat buttocks?’

This didn’t go over well with conservative commentator Meghan McCain, who tweeted reaction, “I had been openly obese shammed early in my career and it sent me into treatment. Trust me, you will find real-life effects for the fat shaming of any sort, it’s NEVER acceptable. We ought to be fostering a wholesome culture which celebrates all women of all sizes” Do you believe there’s something profoundly wrong with Megyn Kelly?

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