Mark Levin Exposes The Hidden “Grotesque” Message In Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech

Liberals all over America are celebrating Oprah’s ‘courageous’, ‘stunning’ Golden Globes address and demanding that she runs for President. But, Conservative talk show host Mark Levin pointed out what was so ‘gruesome’ about the address. “This is gruesome,” said Levin.

“What happened was horrific, please do not misunderstand what I am saying. Jim Crow was dreadful. How can you tie this now to guys?” he asked.

Then he challenged Hollywood, rather than blaming all men for sexual harrassment, why don’t you actually do something to prevent the sexual harassers in Hollywood. “Why not name the listing? Why was not it on the screen last night — a rolling display of those in Hollywood who have molested or harassed women in Hollywood?” he asked.

“How come they did not have the guts to do that? It is not all men. It’s to do with modern day Hollywood, where there should be a crime tape around that city.”

“I don’t know who composed this for Oprah Winfrey; I do not know if she wrote it herself, but it is a really clever effort at a diversion — of not accepting responsibility, that Hollywood community, for the behavior of its performers, and in some instances its actresses. Do you think he is perfect? Check out the video below.

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