Liberals Attack Singer For Refusing To Make Out With A Trans Woman On Live TV

R&B singer Ginuwine has been attacked by liberals for refusing to make out with a lady on live TV. Ginuwine was on a U.K. reality show called “Big Brother” with a trans woman, born a man, called India Willoughby.

The conversation turned to relationship, where Willoughby complained that Ginuwine wouldn’t date them. “I am a girl, right. So, on that score, you’d date me, would not you?” asked Willoughby. “Not if you told me you had been trans,” replied Ginuwine. “No, no, I am not telling you I am trans! I am a woman.” said Willoughby.

Then suddenly Willoughby attempted to catch Ginuwine and make out with him. Ginuwine turned off and looked very uncomfortable. And not wanting to make out with this individual makes Ginuwine a ‘transphobe’. What happened to agree?

Apparently no means no unless you the individual making a move on you’re transgender. “If you’ve got a sexual preference that discriminates against transgender men or transgender girls, you’re transphobic. This is a truth. #ginuwine” wrote one angry user on Twitter.

“People asking me to describe why not wanting to date a transwoman is transphobic. Ginuwine was asked if he would date a girl. They are are women. PERIOD. Can not believe people are so close minded,” wrote another individual. “Today confirmed out Ginuwine and Nipsey are equally transphobic/homophobic and I am tired but no suprised. Like I’m just tryna like y’all artwork but you haaaad to be crap right,” somebody else wrote. Check out the video below.

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