Lib Tom Hanks Just Called Trump A ‘Tyrant’ And Said Why He’s ‘A Threat To Us All’

At one stage, Academy Award winner Tom Hanks was among America’s most bankable and famed celebrities, starring in these cherished hit films like Forrest Gump and Large.

Recently, Hanks was moving on a tirade after tirade against Republican President Donald Trump, attempting to make controversy to drum up interest in his brand new Steven Spielberg film The Article. He gave his most intense interview however to CNN International reporter Christiane Amanpour.

Amanpour requested Hanks and fellow liberal costar Meryl Streep regarding the condition of the free media, and Tom reacted by phoning President Trump a “tyrant.” Said Hanks, “What tyrants do I research history and that I read it for enjoyment. What tyrants have done back to the point at which they had been printing clay tablets using hieroglyphics were to control the facts, to denigrate, in this scenario, let us move this up to– quickly forwards, tyrants, number one, wish to denigrate individuals that venture outside– the fourth cent. The journalists that go out and attempt to ascertain what the facts are.”

He moved on, “And at the USA of America, by and large, have the — have the performance so as to be certain that you don’t publish it before it’s confirmed. Tyrants, first of all, would like to delegitimize any attempt to do so, and say no, we’ve got the facts, which means you’ve got to consider us.”

Hanks then absurdly maintained that President Trump would like to place the media and the media from the company so that he could make everything social media. Said The celebrity, “The next thing they do is attempt to place those facts tellers from the company, and they do whatever they could. In some cultures, they take sledgehammers to printing presses and slit the necks of women journalists that go out and find the reality. And the final result is that you get a state-run, here is exactly what our king did now, is not he a great man? Are you frustrated that Tom Hanks became this kind of loony liberal?

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