Lib Prof Just Said Teachers Who Grade Based On Merit Are ‘A Tool Of Whiteness’

Grades in college would be the fantastic equalizer. If you get good grades in school, you can get into a fantastic graduate program should you want to do so. This is very true within the business of mathematics, which is entirely out of race, class, religion or some other facet of human civilization.

You’d believe, if anybody, a math professor would understand these fundamental facts. Nonetheless, 1 mathematics professor at Brooklyn College called Laurie Rubel somehow arrived at the conclusion that grading pupils by merit (instead of grading them by race) is an “instrument of whiteness” which oppresses minorities.

Professor Rubel wrote a paper in the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education where she said, “More commonly, whiteness tacitly positions White folks, their encounters, and their own behaviors as exceptional, and it’s supported by a pair of corollary principles that serve as ‘resources of whiteness.'”

She said, “As an example, the ideological principle of the United States because meritocracy is known by many to be a fundamental feature of American culture, ordering a mix of hard work and ability … yields achievement.”

Rubel then contended that teachers must variable race when determining exactly what grades to assign, composing,”Teachers who assert color-blindness — which is, they claim not to observe the race of the pupils — are, in effect, refusing to admit the effect of enduring racial stratification on pupils and their families” Can you believe liberals such as Rubel have lost their heads?

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