Jeff Flake Defends Castro From Alleged Sonic Attacks On American Workers

“I do not often agree with President Obama, but he was right to start the process of normalizing relations with Cuba. The funny thing about freedom is that when people experience a bit more of it, they do not need to give this up, and they need more than they have.

That’s been the case with traveling and will continue to be true in Cuba,” said Flake in 2014. 24 US diplomats and their partners in Cuba reported a hearing loss and ear-ringing. This led some U.S. officials to think Cuba launched “sonic attacks.” According to ABC “Medical testing has shown that some embassy employees had obvious abnormalities in their white matter tracts that allow different areas of the brain communicate, many U.S. officials said, and acoustic waves haven’t been demonstrated to change those tracts.” But, Flake promptly defended Cuba.

“The Cuban Interior Ministry is saying the FBI has told them there is not any evidence of a sonic assault, though that term is used, attack, there’s absolutely not any evidence of it,” said Flake.

“There is no evidence that somebody intentionally attempted to harm somebody. Nobody is saying that these people did not encounter some event, but there is no evidence that this was a deliberate attack by someone, possibly the Cubans or anyone else. As I said, I will not speak about what I have seen in a classified setting, but nothing is inconsistent with what the Cubans have stated, and I believe the FBI would state that,” said Flake.

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