Jeff Flake Accidentally Exposes How The GOP Is Working Against President Trump’s Agenda

‘Republican’ Senator Jeff Flake made a speech on the senate floor that revealed how much the GOP is ready to undermine Trump’s agenda. He discussed the boundary wall and how unlikely it is for Trump to get what he needs.

“Deals like this, where you need 60 votes necessarily involve compromise. No party, no person is going to get everything that they want; the White House will not get everything they need, the Democrats in Congress won’t, and neither will the Republicans. This is going to be a compromise,” said Flake.

Then he called Trump’s expectations ‘unrealistic. Let’s all get serious, Republicans and Democrats — not coming forward to the table with unrealistic expectations about what could be part of the legislation. Let us have something that we can put on the Senate floor by the end of the month to have sufficient time to have this repaired by March 5th,” said Flake.

“Nobody’s suggesting that we don’t require extra infrastructure or barriers on the boundary. The president has made a request in the budget for about $1.6 billion for the next year. I believe that that’s a fantastic place to start. How much we authorize going forward will be very much in debate. I know that during the campaign, the president spoke long and hard about building a wall. But every time he mentioned building a wall, he talked about Mexico paying for it. We all know, lots of us understood at the time Mexico wasn’t going to pay for this wall. They are not,” said Flake. Not when you say things like they will not.

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