“I’ve Had A Bad Cold” Dianne Feinstein Shares Excuses On Why She Released Testimony

Democratic Dianne Feinstein came under fire for releasing transcripts of a Senate testimony from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson. President Trump assaulted her Twitter.

“The simple fact that Sneaky Dianne Feinstein, who has on several occasions stated that collusion involving Trump/Russia hasn’t yet been discovered, would launch testimony in this kind of underhanded and potentially illegal manner, entirely without consent, is a disgrace. Have to have rough Primary!” Tweeted Trump.

Though Trump’s statements may be unpleasant, the announcement set out by Feinstein herself made her seem like a much bigger fool. In a meeting with NBC Feinstein maintained a ‘poor cold’ could have ‘slowed down’ her ‘psychological centers’

“Feinstein into @MariannaNBCNews RE: publishing the Glenn Simpson transcript: “The 1 regret I have is that I must have talked with Senator Grassley before. And that I really don’t make an excuse but I have had a bad cold and possibly that slowed down my emotional centers a little bit,” tweeted NBC’s Frank Thorp V.

Feinstein is 84-years-old and she has no clue what she’s doing. On the other hand, the published transcripts did show some shocking discoveries, such as that somebody might have been murdered as a consequence of the Russian Dossier being released. ““It is a voluntary meeting, also in addition to this, he wishes to be very careful to protect his resources. Someone’s been murdered as a consequence of the book of the dossier without any harm must come to anyone linked to this fair work,” stated Fusion GPS attorney Joshua Levy in accordance with the transcripts.

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