Ingraham Says She’s ‘Extremely Concerned’ About The Praise Trump Is Getting From One Person

Fox News pundit Laura Ingraham has been a firm supporter of Republican President Donald Trump, although she’s also been unafraid to call him and his team out when they stray from the claims candidate Trump made during his presidential campaign.

Lately, Ingraham became alarmed when President Trump received unexpected praise from RINO former Florida Governor Jeb Bush for his strategies on immigration.

Laura responded to Jeb’s tweet by stating on her radio show, “I don’t wish to use the word ‘betrayal’ however, because we have not reached the end of the line here and I don’t believe that could be the perfect thing to do. However, I think it’s critical for the president to hear from all people. The other individuals just want what they want out of him. We want the best for him and this presidency and this state. And it is about the nation, and what is good for the country and the American worker.”

She went on, “I’m gonna reserve judgment on the finished product here, but I am extremely concerned when I see the president becoming extravagant praise from Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, along with the likes of the Chamber of Commerce.”

Ingraham later said, “The new immigrants, both legal and illegal, aren’t being attracted into the melting pot. The melting pot is going to be spilled over. There’ll not be a melting pot if we don’t get control of both legal immigration through chain migration, which is a nightmare for this particular nation. Entire villages from India, Pakistan, Somalia, all across the planet have been imported in the united states. Entire family trees are imported. They are in Maine, they are in Minnesota, they are in North Carolina, they are in Georgia, this is insanity!” Do you agree with Laura?

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