‘How Much Of It Should I Believe?’, Even Colbert Smacked Down Anti-Trump Book Author To His Face

Lots of Democrats and anti-Trump conservatives believed they’d eventually found the smoking gun when reporter Michael Wolff’s exceptionally provocative, colorful publication Fire and Fury: Within the Trump White House came out.

But, it’s quickly become clear how badly sourced Wolff’s book is. A lot of people on the left and right have been pointing out inaccuracies and blatant lies in its own contents. Wolff has ruined the publication’s reputation further by refusing to release the notes and additional documentation that he took in researching the book.

Asked Colbert, “Ok, well you mentioned — at the forward of you say — I wish to do this right — you mention –on your author’s note you state that you finally, after going through all of your stuff, ‘settled onto a version of occasions I think to be authentic.’ What exactly does this mean?”

Wolff then blamed folks in the White House because of his publication being incorrect, saying, “This means it is the Trump White House. Everyone else is telling you different tales. Let us put it this way — everyone is lying in their own way because that is what you do at the Trump White House.”

…As a comic, sure, I would love this to be true so I can make jokes about it, but as a taxpayer, I do not need it to be authentic. And you do not have to source — not recorded — for whatever you have in here. How much of it should I think?” Are you happy Colbert known as Wolff out on his publication’s fraudulence?

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