Harvard Professor Exposes How CNN Is Using Communist Russia Tactics Against President Trump

In a meeting with Fox News, Harvard law teacher Alan Dershowitz uncovered how CNN is utilizing strategies of socialist Russia or China when they question the President’s psychological well-being.

“It’s extremely hazardous. I’ve railed against the criminalization of political contrast. It’s deteriorating. The psychiatrizaton of political contrast is considerably more hazardous. It’s what they did in Russia, it’s what they did in China, it’s what they did in politically-sanctioned racial segregation South Africa. In the event that you don’t care for an applicant first bolt him up. In the event that you can’t bolt him up, submit him to a psychological healing facility,” said Dershowitz.

“There’s this educator at Yale, Bandy Lee who has been driving the battle, saying the president is unsafe. He approaches the atomic trigger. We may even need to limit him without wanting to under a sort of responsibility law,” clarified Dershowitz.

“Envision how unsafe that would be. Therapists are famously awful at foreseeing brutality.”

“I didn’t care for what I saw fundamentally so I did what you do In a vote based system. You vote in favor of the hopeful you lean toward. You don’t bolt them up. You don’t place them in mental healing centers on the off chance that you don’t concur with them. That is so unsafe to majority rule government,” said Dershowitz. Do you believe he’s correct? While Hillary Clinton may really infringed upon the law, with Trump, pundits simply need to assault the way he carries on and the way he considers.

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