Crackpot Bernie Just Got Ripped Apart For Saying Trump Is ‘So Offensive’ And A ‘Liar’

Far-left dynamic applicant Bernie Sanders has had no deficiency of terrible things to say in regards to President Donald Trump and Republican individuals from Congress, but he had the rankle to go out and assert that President Trump was “hostile” in his announcements, as well as similarly as a man.

Congressperson Sanders of Vermont made his odd remarks amid an appearance on This Week With George Stephanopoulos. Said the Socialist, “What irritates me about this president isn’t so much what he says. In spite of the fact that, he is so hostile. That is to say, only half a month back, he assaulted a United States representative with sexual insinuation. He discusses jail for his previous rival in a presidential race. This isn’t what leaders of the United States do.”

He at that point endeavored to set Trump against the normal Americans trump’s identity attempting to help, saying, “Yet I am more stressed over what this present president’s arrangements are regarding telling the working individuals of this nation, amid his battle, that he would remain with them.”

He went on, “But then, he administers now as an agent of the extremely rich person class– tax reductions for the affluent, cutting individuals off of medical coverage, disregarding the requirements of youngsters, not managing the doctor prescribed medication emergency in this nation that he said he would manage. I stress over him being an obsessive liar. Those are a portion of the worries that I have.”

Gratefully, watchers did not purchase Sanders’ counter-intuitive, awful comments. Shot back one analyst, “Bernie Sanders is untrustworthy, and he SOLD OUT everybody who upheld him for millions out of a result from Clinton. Bernie Sanders is WORSE than a washout.” Do you think wacko Bernie is a cheat?

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