CNN’s Lemon Calls Trump ‘Racist’, Then Says Trump Voters Are ‘Worse Than Him’

CNN and other social networking networks wonder why conservative Fox News is winning in the ratings wars and can not understand why Republicans connect so much better with regular Americans than the Democrats do nowadays.

If executives at CNN were really smart, they would be fair enough to have a long, hard look at their programming and their on-air employees and eventually see how frequently CNN insults and demeans the sort of working-class Americans who switched allegiance from the Democrats do Republican Donald Trump at the previous election.

In a recent tirade, leftist CNN host claimed that Trump is racist and people who voted for him are, also. Those remarks are frankly, disgusting. There is other language a would love to use, but we’re on television.”

Lemon went on, “Tonight a White House official told CNN they are not worried, they believe this is good for them and the President’s remarks will really resonate with his foundation. Jesus. Admitting that for all their talk about making America great, the President is playing to a foundation that welcomes his racism and will enjoy it. That’s disgraceful.”

Don then told Trump voters he doesn’t care if they are angry at him mocking them. He explained, “This is for anybody who might be taken aback by my remarks. I would like to be quite clear here, I don’t care if you’re. I expect you are.” He later added, “What does it say about you, that no matter what, no matter what, you continue to make excuses for this man, for his vile behaviour. This form of vile behavior, does not that make you just as bad if not worse than him?”

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