CNN’s ‘Counterterrorism Analyst’ Says Calling Some Countries “Sh*tholes” Is Exactly Like Saying ‘N***er’

CNN has faked a great deal of outrage following President Trump known as Haiti that a “sh*thole” Though they warrant illegal immigration by asserting that the states they come from are dreadful, CNN Counterterrorism Analyst Philip Mudd contended that Trump stating this is precisely such as calling a black man the N-word.

The actual question is what exactly does this have to do with terrorism? “I’m a proud sh*tholer. My family was known as waps … I am proud of this. We arrived when individuals from Ireland and Italy have been regarded as filthy people, filthy Catholics who did not belong in a Protestant nation. Sh*tholers assembled this nation, 110 decades back,” he contended.

“They have been known as sl*pers and sl*nt-eyes, Chinese men and women who built this nation. Sh*tholers from Japanese internment camps, remained in these camps as American taxpayers, which is a heritage we bear pity for now.

“I have seen these discussions that this is economical, therefore let us be clear, a white honkey out of Norway can come here, but a black dude from Haiti can not,” he explained, although he only affirmed that this was all about economics rather than race by using illustrations from Italy and Ireland.

“What does this tell you within an America that you — that in 1 production called you a n*gger, what does this tell you, Don? I can tell you — what informs a honkey such as me. We are not any different than we’re a generation before, and we are learning the very same lessons we heard when we predicted a Chinese guy a sl*nt-eye when we called a guy out of a Guatemala a spic and also a wetback, and we predicted a black guy a n*gger,” he explained.

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