CNN’s Chris Cuomo Attacks MSNBC And Fox News For Being So Biased

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, CNN’s Chris Cuomo Assaulted Fox News and MSNBC to Be ‘biased’. As stated by him CNN is a lot more objective. Just how do you think they have covered the first year of this government?”

“They have made a very clear decision about what they wish to do. And MSNBC has made a clear choice too. And they’re in their own rights to do so, and the crowd gets to pick. That is the gorgeous thing about the small business. Everybody’s got to make their decisions,” said Cuomo.

“You opt to work in which you feel you are best suited to performing the job how you would like to do it. That is why I came to CNN. I had a terrific gig at ABC News — amazing folks loved the job. However, I was not able to perform what I’d be in a position to perform here. I didn’t understand Trump was arriving. I didn’t understand how super important we’d be. And how significant testing could be. However, I got lucky in that respect, I guess,” said Cuomo.

In addition, he clarified that he is trying to go for ‘viral minutes’ and rather cares about “meaningful, good-faith discussions”

“I believe theatricality and hyper-emotiveness is a sugar and does not function for me on tv. I will generate lots of buzz by bringing back into focus the most valued commodity in our organization, that’s the one-time meeting,” stated Cuomo. And for reminders, this really is a guy who stated that being called Fake News is just such as calling a black man the n-word.

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