Chelsea Clinton Just Wished ‘Happy New Year’ To The Church Of Satan, It’s Crazy

There are no lack of individuals who have recommended that the Clinton tribe are underhanded, especially two-time fizzled presidential applicant Hillary. Hillary’s endeavors to demonstrate that she is a congregation going ardent Christian who knows and comprehends the Bible likewise all failed.

It should presumably come as meager amazement, at that point, that the Clinton’s sole produce Chelsea would make a special effort to go on Twitter and wish the Church of Satan a Happy New Year.

In a tweet that had numerous on the two sides of America’s social partition scratching their heads, the firmer First Daughter tweeted back at the Church of Satan’s legitimate Twitter record and others’, “Answering to @ChurchofSatan and 5 others It’s been so long! Glad New Year!”

Clinton endeavored to play off the unforeseen development as an aggregate mix-up that was completed by pranksters online who included both the Church of Satan and a rebel represent the eatery Hooters on Chelsea’s Twitter strings.

She tweeted to her liberal companion Chrissy Teigen, “In 2017, @ChurchofSatan and I were put on a couple of strings together. In 2018, it’s… @Hooters. What an opportunity to be alive Chrissy!” For their part, the Church of Satan recognized Hillary wishing them a Happy New Year and answered, “Answering to @ChelseaClinton and 5 others Same to you, here’s to an incredible 2018!” Do you think that its obvious that Chelsea would send occasion wishes to Satanists?

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