Bill Kristol Attacks His Own Party To Endorse Oprah: She’s Better Than “Sanders, Biden, Warren, and Hickenlooper”

Liberals are going insane over Oprah’s Golden Globes discourse. Since for a liberal, all it takes to be a Presidential applicant is a pleasant discourse. Bill Kristol who has as of late been in the news for calling Republican tax breaks ‘unpleasant’ and for saying that Trump supporters protect servitude took to Twitter to report every one of the reasons that Oprah is superior to any Democrat.

“Oprah.#ImWithHer,” he tweeted. “Oprah: Pro-administration change in Iraq (see her Oct. 9, 2002, show).#ImWithHer,” he tweeted later. “Oprah: Friend of Allan Bloom (see her show “How Dumb Are We?” from I trust 1988).#ImWithHer” he composed.

“Oprah: Sounder on financial aspects than Bernie Sanders, comprehends Middle America superior to Elizabeth Warren, less delicate feely than Joe Biden, more wonderful than Andrew Cuomo, more magnetic than John Hickenlooper.#ImWithHer,” he composed. “Oprah: Younger than Sanders, Biden, Warren, and Hickenlooper,” he composed.

“Oprah: Every Democrat to win the administration in this century is from Chicago,” “Oprah: Pro-masculinity.

(Oprah’s magazine on Mansfield’s “Masculinity”: “Keen, vexing and eventually irresistible.”)” he tweeted.

“Also, obviously: Oprah originated from interminably more difficult conditions than Trump, is wealthier than Trump, has perused a greater number of books than Trump, is more steady than Trump, and isn’t under scrutiny by the Justice Department dissimilar to Trump,” he tweeted. So would you say you are persuaded to vote in favor of Oprah now? Me, not one or the other.

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