Awful Shep Smith Claims Trump Said ‘A Word Salad Of Nothingness’, He Got Ripped Apart

Following all of the unwarranted abuse he’s endured at the hands of the media, Republican President Donald Trump broke by drawing a line in the sand about our nation’s lax libel legislation.

Said the president about journalists, “We will have a solid look at our nation’s libel laws to ensure when someone says something that’s untrue and defamatory about somebody, that individual will have significant recourse in our minds. And when someone says something that is totally false and intentionally untrue, that the individual that’s been mistreated, defamed, libeled, will possess significant recourse.”

He also added, “Our present libel laws are a sham and a disgrace and don’t reflect American values or American equity. So we are going to have a solid look at this. We need equity. You can not say things which are untrue, knowingly untrue and have the ability to grin as cash pours in your bank accounts. We are going to have a very, very powerful look at this. And I believe what the American men and women wish to see is equity.”

Somehow, anti-Trump Fox News host Shep Smith couldn’t understand that the president crystal clear statement. Claimed Smith on his series, “All this, about libel legislation, all this was a phrase salad of nothingness. None of this means anything. He could not’ change the libel laws when he wished to change the libel laws. He could not alter them if he obtained the Congress in there.”

The famous Smith’s words didn’t go over well. Wrote one online commenter, “That is humorous Shep, a ‘word salad of nothingness’ is just what I hear each single time you open your mouth” Added another, “Translation: Trump told the facts and Shep’s too much of a dumb f– to acknowledge it.”  Watch below:

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