Angry Lib Robert De Niro Loses It, Just Called Trump The ‘J******-In-Chief’, It’s Awful

At one stage, Academy Award winner Robert De Niro was among America’s greatest actors, starring in movies like The Godfather, Part II, Goodfellas and Taxi Driver.

On the other hand, the standard of the components he’s been enjoying has gone down considerably, and it seems that his head has, also. De Niro continues to be among Republican President Donald Trump’s most obnoxious celebrity critics, even going so far as saying in July 2016 about Trump he needs “to punch him in the face”

It appears like De Niro hasn’t grown since then, as only just went on a different unhinged tirade from the president in the yearly National Board of Review Awards. Robert was available to provide fellow liberal Meryl Streep that a Best Actress award for her part in the film The Article. De Niro, obviously, made his time on point about Trump. Said a potentially drunk De Niro, “This fucking idiot is your president. It is The Emperor’s New Clothes — this man is a fucking fool.”

De Niro went to highlight The Article when bashing Trump. He stated, “It was interesting to see The Article. That movie took place almost 50 decades before, however there are numerous parallels today, of course. In the time of this narrative, Donald Trump was afflicted by ‘bone’ Now the entire world is afflicted by the actual Donald Trump.”

The celebrity subsequently called President Trump since the “jerkoff-in-chief” along with the “infant in main.” Ah, the fantastic old days” Can you believe De Niro wants a tranquilizer?

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