American Psychiatric Association Slams CNN For Trying To Diagnose Trump With Mental Health Disease

CNN and other news programs have lately attempted to diagnose President Trump using a ‘psychological health’ disease. CNN’s Brian Stelter has suggested people get President Trump examined.

“When President Trump was inaugurated last January, a few columnists began right away to increase concerns about his mental wellness and fitness for office. In the months which followed, we watched senators such as Jeff Flake bring up this, Bob Corker, yet another title that springs to mind,” explained Stelter.

On the other hand, the American Psychiatric Association eventually spoke up against the media’s insistence on attempting to ‘diagnose’ our President.

“Now the American Psychiatric Association (APA) reiterates its continuing and unwavering dedication to the ethical principle called “The Goldwater Rule.” We in the APA call for an end to psychiatrists providing professional opinions from the media about public figures whom they haven’t analyzed if it is about cable news appearances, novels, or in social networking. Armchair psychiatry or using psychiatry as a political instrument is that the abuse of psychiatry and is unethical and improper” writes about the APA.

“A suitable psychiatric evaluation requires the usual review of tv appearances, tweets, and general public opinions. Psychiatrists are medical doctors; assessing mental illness is not any less comprehensive than diagnosing diabetes or cardiovascular disease. The criteria in our profession demand review of health and psychiatric background and documents and a comprehensive examination of psychological status. Frequently safety information from family members or those who know the individual well is comprised, with consent from the individual,” that they composed. Do you feel the media will pay attention?

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