‘Morning Joe’ Sends ‘Congratulations’ To BuzzFeed For Being Sued By Trump Lawyer

President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen is suing Buzzfeed for publishing the unsubstantiated Russian dossier. Cohen considers the dossier has defamed him. Due to his proximity to the President, he’s mentioned in the dossier 15 times. “It will be shown that I had no participation in this Russian collusion conspiracy.

“We are a year down the road today. I, like all Americans — Republicans and Democrats alike — want to understand to what extent Russia involved themselves in our democratic process, and more importantly what can be done to prevent future participation by foreign governments,” said Cohen.

Normally being sued could be considered a bad thing. But, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough congratulated Buzzfeed, because apparently it is an honor to do anything that pisses of Trump and the people around him. Even if it’s illegal. “We will need to congratulate [Buzzfeed editor] Ben Smith — when he walked on the set I heard everybody congratulation you, Ben Smith, for being sued by the president. That’s great stuff,” said Scarborough.

“It is only from his personal lawyer,” responded Smith. “It’s OK, you are a winner also. My lord,” responded Mika Brezinski. Why is the media promoting this sort of behavior?

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