Woman Who Spoke Up Against NBC’s Matt Lauer Exposes Shocking Way Liberals Tried To Bully Her Into Silence

Addie Collins Zinone, Matt Lauer’s previous colleague composed an article about the obnoxious undertaking she had with Matt Lauer when she was 24 years of age. NBC’s Matt Lauer is one of the numerous liberals in the media who have been let go over their treatment of ladies. Presently Zinone is uncovering the terrible things being said in regards to her for approaching.

“The circumstance truly incurred significant injury on me. I changed physically. I changed inwardly. Dread crawled into my life. I wound up plainly uncertain of myself. Any certainty I had was gone. For him, it was a triumph,” said Zinone.

“I was under his spell. It was all-expending. I couldn’t center. I couldn’t think. Each time I turned on the TV, since I tied down the neighborhood news toward the beginning of the day, there was his face. What’s more, he was acting all dapper and cheerful. Furthermore, here am I, conveying the heaviness of what had happened and battling off the national press. I would not like to begin my vocation being known one of Matt Lauer’s young ladies,” she said.

“I comprehend that individuals will paint me as a home wrecker, as a skank, and a prostitute and those are things I have been called. It was proposed yesterday to me that ‘please go get hit by a transport,'” said Zinone.

“My family is broken by this. They are perplexed for me. This all streams down to many individuals that are influenced, so having these discussions is extremely imperative, yet in addition there’s a great deal of disgrace appended to what I did,” she said.Check out the video below.

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