MSNBC Host Mocks Christian Beliefs As Fake, Says They’re Like ‘Something Out Of A Novel’

Liberals ask why America’s Christians reliably chose to vote in favor of Republican hopefuls over Democratic competitors. They some way or another neglect to acknowledge how severely they distance religious moderates from the left when they reliably ridicule them in the media.

In a current, especially dreadful case of this, left-wing MSNBC have Joy Reid contrasted the convictions of Christians with “something out of a novel.” Said Joy her visitor, an ex-outreaching named Frank Schaeffer, “That sounds like something out of a novel. Is it genuine that there are individuals who truly trust that having Israel bound together under, I mean having Jerusalem brought together under aggregate Israeli control will expedite the final days?”

Bliss’ currently liberal visitor reacted, “Why yes Joy, you know I originate from a fundamentalist Evangelical foundation and I experienced childhood in the 50’s and 60’s, I’m 65, and when I was a youngster this was the Gospel end times form of reality that my folks put stock in and numerous different Evangelicals.”

He included, “Basically when you take a gander at this, it was nothing to do with the Middle East or peace, or Palestinian rights or any of the troubles that have spoken to themselves to mindful American political pioneers or world pioneers.”

The ex-outreaching closed, “This was about what we’re so comfortable with, with Donald Trump and his nepotistic design, tossing a little red meat to supporters and to enormous contributors.” Are you nauseated with the lack of regard the left-wing media shows to ardent Christians?

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