Jeff Flake Says He Might Have To Run In 2020 To Stop Trump From Being Crushed By Elizabeth Warren [Video]

In a meeting on ABC’s “This Week” Senator Jeff Flake said that he was thinking about running against Trump in 2020, on the grounds that in the event that he doesn’t than Trump will lose to Elizabeth Warren. Ha!

“I do stress that later on we’ll be looked with a President Trump running for re-race on one side, boring down hard on a reducing base, and on the opposite side, you may have, you know, somebody like Bernie Sanders [or] Elizabeth Warren on the far left [of] the Democratic Party. That leaves a gigantic swath of voters in the center that [are] possibly searching for something different,” said Flake.

“In any case, you are available to running for president in 2020?” asked questioner Jonathan Karl “I don’t discount anything, however it’s not in my plans,” said Flake.

“Like I stated, I haven’t pondered it. However, I do accept if the president is running for re-race, on the off chance that he proceeds on the way that he’s on, that that is going to leave an enormous swath of voters searching for something unique,” he said.

“When you take a gander at a portion of the crowds cheering for Republicans here and there, you watch out there and you say, those are the fits of a diminishing Party. When you take a gander at the absence of assorted variety now and again — and it relies upon where you are, clearly — yet all things considered, we’re speaking to more established white men, and there are only a predetermined number of them, and outrage and disdain are not an overseeing reasoning,” says Jeff Flake. Is Jeff Flake absolutely preposterous?Check out the video below.

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