CNN Calls Nikki Haley A Diplomatic Prostitute For Standing Up To UN

The United States Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has been pushing back against the UN hard to vote against the President’s Jerusalem choice. “The United States is, by a long shot, the single biggest supporter of the United Nations and its organizations,” said Haley in a discourse to the UN.

“When we make liberal commitments to the U.N., we likewise have an authentic desire that our generosity is perceived and regarded,” Haley said.”When a country is singled out for assault in this association, that country is disregarded. Also, that country is approached to pay for the benefit of being affronted. On account of the United States, we are requested to pay more than any other person for that questionable benefit,” she proceeded.

“This vote will be recollected. We will recollect when we are approached by and by to make the world’s biggest commitment to the United Nations. What’s more, we will recall it when such a significant number of nations come approaching us as they so frequently do to pay considerably more and to utilize our impact for their advantage,” she said.

President Trump moved down Haley and undermined to quit financing the nations that voted against his choice. How did CNN react to the majority of this? By calling Haley a political whore.

“Give me a chance to be limit here, Wolf. This is strategic prostitution. We’re telling individuals unless you vote with us, we’re not going to give you cash and if your heart doesn’t concur with American strategies we’re not going to help you as far as U.S. help,” said CNN counterintelligence investigator Phil Mudd. Look at the video beneath.

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