Angry Libs Are Now Using An Adult Coloring Book Called ‘I Am So Sick Of White Guys’

One of the most ridiculous patterns at this moment among liberal grown-ups especially in beach front urban communities is purchasing “grown-up shading books” and shading in them with pastels or hued pencils as if they were still kids.

Numerous liberals have elevated this action to help individuals who were “activated” by the way that male Donald Trump crushed female Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. It plainly appears as if many still have not gotten over that.

A liberal white man named Jim Corbett chose to take into account different snowflakes by influencing a grown-up shading to book titled I Am So Sick of White Guys, highlighting spoof pictures of effective Caucasian men like Donald Trump.

Said Corbett why he influenced the shading to book, “It came totally out of me shouting at my TV, and the way the GOP is taking the nation off a very surprising way. I’m only a concerned subject.”

He included about the book, which is available to be purchased on Amazon for $10, “For us, this is a funny method for dealing with stress. I am extremely baffled and dismal. Yet, we need to ensure individuals comprehend this isn’t a vehicle of prejudice or despise. We are not attempting to inspire individuals to abhor white folks. We require individuals to have great methods for dealing with stress.” He went on, “Look, I’m a white person; there’s a considerable measure of white folks like me and this thought of white benefit is a genuine article.” Do you believe it’s alright to be a white person?

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