Joy Reid Claims That Tucker Carlson Is Just As Bad As A Rapist Because He Works At Fox News

MSNBC’s Joy Reid assaulted Tucker Carlson for setting out to affront Democratic sexual stalker Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein isn’t simply being blamed for rape, yet now there are assault assertions against him.

“The two greatest wolves in sheep’s clothing on this, I need to state, are Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson… They had parts to say in regards to Harvey Weinstein. What’s more, guess what? What they said in regards to Harvey Weinstein is valid. In any case, I mean, they’re sitting in the seats of Bill O’Reilly, sitting in his seat,” said Reid.

Obviously on the off chance that somebody is blamed for rape you have to toss out their seat. Be that as it may, there is a tremendous distinction amongst Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly. Weinstein has conceded blame, he has said that he needs to change. The charges against Weinstein are much more serious and various. The assertions against O’Reilly were feeble and absolutely problematic.

She then red a tweet from Carlson. “It is the ideal opportunity for equity for Harvey Weinstein. He is a serial predator,” said the tweet. “He’s sitting in Bill O’Reilly’s seat! At Roger Ailes’ system!” she said once more. As though that has meaning.

For reasons unknown, Reid needs to hush Conservatives who she ought to agree with. We should all have the capacity to meet up and denounce the activities of Harvey Weinstein. Regardless of what seat you sit in.

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