Jesse Jackson Says Black People Still Have No Freedom “From Picking Cotton Balls To Picking Footballs”

Proficient race-baiter Jesse Jackson pronounced that dark individuals still don’t have flexibility in America if NFL players need to remain for the National Anthem.

“From various perspectives, it is abusive. To go from picking cotton balls, to picking footballs and b-balls without flexibility isn’t especially advance. It’s only a horizontal move”, said Jackson amid a meeting on Fox.

“These folks don’t have ensured contracts. Dissimilar to b-ball. Dissimilar to baseball, there are no ensured contracts. Along these lines, you stand today, yet you don’t play tomorrow. That is work environment provocation. That is illicit,” said Jackson. Obviously he is totally off-base.

President Trump stood out as truly newsworthy over a month prior with his NFL remarks. “Wouldn’t you want to see one of these NFL proprietors, when some individual slights our banner, to state, ‘Get that child of a b*tch off the field at the present time, out, he’s terminated. He’s let go,'” said Trump.

“You know, some proprietor will do that. He will state, ‘That person that affronts our banner, he’s terminated.’ And that proprietor, they don’t have any acquaintance with it [but] they’ll be the most prevalent individual in this nation,” said President Trump.

Obviously, on the grounds that Trump said it, the prevailing press has attempted to transform this into a race issue. There are numerous issues with Jackson’s remarks. For one, football players make a large number of dollars every year, slaves were not paid. On the off chance that football players don’t care for their working conditions, they are allowed to leave and take a stab at something different, dissimilar to slaves. He is additionally looking at slaving throughout the day on a hot field picking cotton to remaining for our banner amid our National Anthem. Not extremely equivalent.

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