Rush Limbaugh Reveals The DARK Secret Michelle Obama’s Been Hiding…

Amid the 2016 presidential race, Michelle Obama assaulted Donald Trump for his “locker room talk” by guaranteeing that she “doesn’t know any men who boast.” Rush Limbaugh as of late uncovered this as a conspicuous lie, reminding his audience members about the presumptuous rappers Michelle every now and again welcomed to the White House.

“Men gloat, and she is telling individuals that she doesn’t know men who boast. You know the general population that have been to the White House?” Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show.

Michelle’s rapper companions composed tunes about engaging in sexual relations with their “b*tches and hos” and afterward played out the tunes in the White House. Not exclusively did she tune in to these verses, she APPLAUDED the rappers for them!”Yeah, I figure Michelle Obama wasn’t there when the Rev. Wright was discussing Bill Clinton,” Rush went ahead to state. “You recollect what Rev. Wright said in regards to Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky? … ‘And Bill and Monica Lewinsky was riding filthy. No doubt, past events have happened as intended, infant.’ ‘Bill was riding messy,’ and the populace, the gathering went crazy.”

This demonstrates for the last time that Michelle Obama is an unmitigated scoundrel. SHARE this story on the off chance that you can’t STAND HER!

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