WATCH – Trump Notices WEIRD Thing Democrats Do, Calls Them Out On National TV

President Trump has had it with liberals asserting preservationists are the derisive ones. To acquire their deception out the open, Trump’s getting down on them about their undeniable traps.

“No, in light of the fact that they generally do it,” Trump expressed. “The principal thing they do with the Republicans or preservationists is the bigot card; they haul out the supremacist card. They generally do that, not simply with me. They do it with everyone. What’s more, I see that, and once you realize that, you feel a great deal better about it,”

The left has made claims about Trump being bigot, sexist, Islamophobic, and homophobic when, truly, he is none of these things. He has never said anything terrible against minorities or gays, and what he said in regards to ladies he said over 10 years prior and apologized for it.

With respect to the Islamophobia allegation, he prohibited individuals from specific “nations of worry,” as previous President Obama put it, until better insurance for the American individuals could be secured. Excessively numerous fear mongers are separating into this nation, so the displaced people who aren’t in impending peril need to hold up until another checking framework is set up.

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