Trump Admin Announces EPIC Plans For Gitmo, Obama Is Reportedly FURIOUS

Raise Admiral of the Navy Peter J. Clarke has expressed that Guantanamo Bay will plan for prisoners to be gotten when they are asked for to do as such.

Clarke still can’t seem to get arranges on the matter, however unmistakably the base isn’t going anyplace. It is running like a calibrated machine, and soon it will at the end of the day be loaded with the world’s most perilous crooks.


Gitmo has dependably been the thistle in the paw of liberals all over the place, who have looked to see it shut for good. Obama was practically fruitful in doing only that, however Congress won’t, angering Obama forever that he wasn’t permitted to close the base.

Congress would not like to see Gitmo shut in light of the fact that it was the home of “the most exceedingly awful of the most noticeably awful.” One of the most scandalous psychological militants bolted up there is Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the self-declared “genius” of the September eleventh assaults.

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