Special Forces Operator DESTROYS Trump-Hating Media Who Blame Him For Navy SEAL’s Death

“A significant part of the media has no f****** piece of information what truly matters to,” said Delta Force Operator and Green Beret, Master Sergeant Dale Comstock, by means of Independent Journal Review.

“Individuals following Trump for Yemen don’t see how strikes function. I’ve been on a few, and once in a while the most dire outcome imaginable is the thing that happens,” Comstock included.

It is not Donald Trump’s blame that Navy SEAL Ryan “William” Owens was executed in real life — things like this happen. Nobody can have the ideal situation of how these things will play out, as it is a mind boggling and perilous circumstance for anybody to be accountable for.

“To point the finger at it on Trump is more than foolhardy. He doesn’t control the powers on the ground. Furthermore, he has enough regard for our military that he concedes to the experts who he drove the best battling power on the planet,” Comstock proceeded.

The prevailing press don’t care at about our military until Donald Trump fouls up, and after that unexpectedly they have something to say in regards to how Trump got this one man slaughtered. Shouldn’t something be said about all the fizzled missions brought along under President Obama?

1 Comment

1 Comment

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